Green Development: Have Fun Using Everything In The Pantry

There are a number of motives for building green including environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Kitchen sustainability initiatives similarly call for integrated and synergistic "design" ideas...only they correspond to new menu items and the "retrofitting" of existing recipes as opposed to raw land and existing structures.

This "green" approach extends an ingredient's life-cycle in each creative new use employed with the purpose of finding a synergy between children's changing demands and the desire to get the most out of every product in the pantry.

Sustainable meal preparation brings together a vast array of practices, techniques, and vision (most often that of a child's... as the Green Pancakes and S'mores Waffles pictured above) to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of cooking on the bank account. It often emphasizes taking advantage of older resources (all the way in the back of the pantry) in fun new ways.