Privacy Notice: Going Potty All Alone


Today was the first time I stood guard outside a ladies room (albeit a single-service unit) for my 3 yr old daughter.  We were at her doctor's office when she had to "go" and after gently setting her into position she told me: "It's O.K. Daddy, I can do it myself now." I stood back as her shoulders dropped and her eyes narrowed with great focus. Her serious little face turned to me and in a strained voice she said "May I have a bit of privacy please?" I told her "Of course!...shall I stand over here by the door?" and she paused before thoughtfully offering an alternative: "You can stand on the other side of the door".  I smiled and tried not to laugh. I told her that I would as long as she promised to call me when she was all done. She nodded in agreement and I softly closed the door...ever so gently...not all the way...but a little more than half-way...just enough for the metal parts to touch...but not click and potentially lock accidentally.  I stood so proudly outside that door almost hoping someone would ask me what I was doing there.